Profile of Johannes Leibold

Senior Investigator, Consultant and Director 

In 1990 Johannes started his career in the SAP, which lasted for 8 years. He received training at the South African Police College in Pretoria and achieved the rank of sergeant in 1993. Then followed a series of specialised training courses, including a SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) and Training course, and Recovering of stolen vehicles course.

In 2000 moved into the private sector by owning and running a business in the fast-food industry. Although a lot of experience was gained in the management of a business, the decision was made to revert back to the security industry. Johannes returned to the security industry 18 years ago as a detective and investigative consultant.  

In 2004 registered Leibold Consulting CC with SIRA. Inspired by service in the Police Force, having a passion for the security and protection services as a whole; the decision was made to help companies and individuals, on a private level, to solve their problems by putting expert knowledge and experience to use. Personally registered with SIRA grading up to B. Also received a certificate in “Cash in Transit”.

Johannes is well known in the industry for his excellent quality of service, integrity, and thoroughness. He combines management skills and knowledge of police procedures to deliver a comprehensive service. He works in association with experts in various fields.